Factory of your web identities

Universal anti-detect browser, allowing on-the-fly creation of unique identities for any site. Real device fingerprints, maximum protection and complete privacy.

What is in the box?

Real fingerprints

IDENTORY provides a huge database of the most accurate hardware configurations. More than 1,000,000 combinations are available.

Complete privacy

Local data storage, no hidden requests or telemetry, and the ability to launch and authorize via TOR to achieve complete anonymity.

User-friendly interface

Maximum intuitive and functional interface, designed with great attention to detail. Create browser profiles in just a couple of clicks with automatic data completion.


Always up-to-date browser core and regular updates. We don't stand still and are constantly improving existing fingerprint substitutions as well as adding new ones.

Mobile device fingerprints

Advanced browser-based emulation of mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android).

No limitations

Create an unlimited browser profiles and install the application on any devices.

Maximum performance

The application is optimized to start quickly and work simultaneously with 100 or more profiles.

API and automation

Programmatically creating profiles and browser automation (Puppeteer / Playwright / CDP).

Test results


In action


For test access, you can purchase a special 10-day STARTER plan, which includes all features of the maximum PREMIUM plan:

* ā€” Additional seats are needed for simultaneous use of the application on different devices (e.g. for teams). Cost: the initial 1-2 extra seats - 50% of the main plan, the next 3-5 extra seats - 40%, the next 6 or more extra seats - 30%.

Billing periods of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year are available for each plan.

Discount for a long term renewal: for 3 months - 5%, for 6 months - 10%, for 1 year - 15%.


"This browser is really great. It can be used without being blocked. I used multi-login, Kameleo, Incogniton, GoLogin, etc., but it is the easiest to use and the cost is cheap. In addition, you can use it with confidence because the support will be answered promptly and politely. I think I will continue to use this browser."

- nextstagey

"I would like to update my review after receiving update . It's more stable and consistent fingerprint. Service is worth it price . Best one after multilogin :)"

- CloudCreator

"I paid for the Pro version and use it to create Google accounts. Everything works great, support responds quickly and helps with any questions."

- Mark

"Just switched to this software from another competitor that was having troubles and WOW. This is the best of them ALL. So fast and smooth. A+"

- zrigos

"Really excellent performance compared to other similar apps, before I could run a maximum of 40 profiles, now I can run many more and not worry that everything will crash at an unexpected moment šŸ‘"

- Alex CL

"So quickly update, Iā€™m so impressed šŸ˜§ I like your Auto Cookie function, looks so real and in-depth ;) even clicks into random links, not just browsing each pages like other browsers"

- @meo1568


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