User Agreement

1. Glossary of the Terms
  1. IDENTORY — the internet resource provides IDENTORY App, which has addresses:, http://identoryg7dx5344amd2lvdz3tbyssw3wmjflktietzg7s7tdb6smyyd.onion, and subdomains of the domains.
  2. IDENTORY App — the computer application. Hereinafter referred to as the App.
  3. IDENTORY User — account of IDENTORY. Hereinafter referred to as the User.
2. Anonymity
  1. IDENTORY saves Username, E-mail, Telegram and transaction history ONLY. E-mail and Telegram are NOT verified. User has the right to enter incorrect E-mail and Telegram. Herewith E-mail and Telegram are not required at all.
  2. User is aware that it is not possible to restore the access if the entered data is incorrect. User accepts all responsibility in this situation on themselves.
3. Fees
  1. IDENTORY accepts payments via App ONLY.
  2. IDENTORY does NOT do money back.
4. Rights and liability of the parties
  1. IDENTORY does NOT save and NOT collect any information about browser sessions in the App.
  2. IDENTORY does not bear any responsibility for the actions of the User.
  3. IDENTORY may refuse to support, if the User is using the App for fraudulent purposes. Also, the support, has the right to ignore requests that it considers incorrect (not related to the service, with obscene expressions, etc.), as well as block access to the online chat due to incorrect requests from the User.
  4. IDENTORY reserves the right to unilaterally disable the User from using the service without a refund in case if the User sends or publishes messages that contain threats, defames, insults, denigration of honor, dignity or business reputation.
5. Closing provisions
  1. Issues which are not settled by this Agreement are subject to the ethical norms of the Internet community.